What Do You Do When Everything You Know about Business Leadership isn’t Enough?

Leaders at every level of business today face incredible stressors: pressure to increase profitability, competing demands on your time, a 24/7 competitive global marketplace, keeping up with technological advances, Businesses are challenged as never before and leaders are burning out in record numbers.

Even if you are an exceptional entrepreneurial leader who is smart, passionate, focused and committed to results, you can still feel that gnawing in your gut that tells you something just isn’t working.

You are taking action, but it’s not producing the kind of sustainable results you want. You don’t like how it feels, and want something different. You may even feel ashamed that you can’t see how to fix the problems. Worse yet, other people are affected. People who count on you.

If you are a leader experiencing:

  • constant stress and feelings of overwhelm
  • a feeling of heaviness and burden
  • exhaustion
  • impatience
  • increased frustration

It’s time to Stop Struggling and Step Up Now!

Sure, you are smart and successful. Yet, you and many other successful leaders share the same frustrations and challenges.

You know that what you have been doing isn’t working. You know deep down that something has to change, but don’t know how or what to do that you haven’t already done.

Here’s the good news:

The key to solving your leadership problems isn’t about:

  • working harder
  • hiring a consultant
  • fixing people
  • solving problems
  • increasing the budget

Exceptional Leaders are able to shift the way they view business, remove blind spots, and take effective action which creates the incredible results they desire.

Announcing….a brand new book that picks up where other leadership trainings and workshops leave off….

Step Up Now

21 Powerful Principles for People Who Influence Others

by Susan S. Freeman
Paperback: 125 pages
Love Your Life Publishing
January, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-934509-47-0

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This great manual provides a clear path to destination Leadership, and also the tools to get there. I think Susan has it exactly right, that among others: authenticity, compassion, curiosity, and observation will free us to allow our creative selves, and the dynamic synthesis of that, to emerge in a leadership setting.

And just as importantly, the tools are correct. ‘Muscle memory’ of centering, removing the ego, the search for authenticity and truth, bring even the most difficult situations into clear focus. Step Up Now has me fully engaged!

Kurt Van Keppel,
Step Up is Engaging

“I truly enjoyed Susan’s presentation. Her knowledge on leadership and her explanation of her powerful leadership principles inspired all of the attendees at the conference. I walked away not only inspired , but motivated to implement leadership principles and skills in my daily lifestyle”

Her explanation of her powerful leadership principles was inspiring and motivating

Susan Freeman delivers a variety of “tools” for business people to use to not only improve how they get through their day, but to make a quantum leap in their level of performance and success. Susan is a delightfully insightful speaker. She is very interactive and takes the time to “know” her audience and delivers her information in a more personalized manner. I highly recommend Susan’s program for business leaders. It can take you to the next level while you’re enjoying the journey.

Susan is a delightfully insightful speaker


Leadership is an inside job

In Step Up Now, you’ll discover essential leadership skills which are rarely taught, yet easily implemented and proven to work. These skills are based on the most cutting edge research in emotional intelligence, neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and personal practice.

This book is for you if:

  • You have an inner drive and curiosity to learn more about yourself, your team, and the tools you need to become an outstanding leader
  • You strive to dive deeper and aren’t satisfied with the status quo
  • You are tired of feeling frustrated, burned out, and dissatisfied
  • You want breakthrough professional and personal goals
  • You want a direct, comprehensive, do-it-now leadership approach that makes a sustainable difference

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It’s time for you to lead in a new and more powerful way.
Step Up Now will show you how.

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