Media Questions

Media Questions for Susan Freeman’s Step Up Leader.

Q: Why this book?

A: Susan Freeman, executive success strategist, has distilled over two decades of experience into 21 powerful principles for people who influence others. This compact book is designed to help CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other decision makers tap into the brilliant leader inside themselves. Susan provides clear steps for clearing the barriers that hold leaders back and shows them how to transform your difficult challenges into soul-satisfying solutions and professional successes.

Q: How does Step Up Leader’s approach differ from other business books?

A: Susan integrates western corporate and entrepreneurial work experience with ancient eastern wisdom traditions in a unique way. She distills the most powerful principles of leadership into a succinct, memorable, “do-it-now” book. She shows her readers how to achieve breakthrough results by combining the rigors of diverse business expertise with presence, creativity and intuition.

Studies show that only 15 percent of career success comes from knowledge and skills, while 85 percent comes from emotional factors, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. Step Up Leader focuses on this 85 percent, weaving through the mind, body and emotions, where leadership lives.

Q: Who would benefit most from Step Up Leader?

A: Successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and executives who find themselves at a point where they are burned out, stressed and fatigued. Their teams are lacking motivation or a clear direction. They know something needs to be done and they are ready to commit to doing the work required to effect positive change.

Q: What are the book’s key themes?

A: Step Up Leader teaches readers how to:

  • identify and connect with your passion
  • clarify your direction and focus on what’s important
  • determine if you your strategy is working or in need of a reboot
  • determine if your style fits your company culture
  • empower yourself as a leader
  • enhance your environment and resources
  • create an “A Team” that aligns your employees’ talent with their roles
  • communicate for greater performance and accountability
  • create sustainable practices for maximum performance and minimal stress
  • achieve outstanding results that bring joy to everyone