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My passion is working with successful leaders who want to lead and live at a higher level-this includes success and joy. My clients get to the root of what is holding them back, allowing access to their Natural LeaderTM. They evolve their leadership in an integrated, balanced and sustainable way. When they do, they experience passion, clarity and exceptional results.

If this sounds like you, we need to connect.

Ways to Work With Me

Here are 9 ways you can benefit from my unique approach to leadership transformation.

1. Read my weekly Step Up Leader Tips

I publish short, weekly blog posts on leadership topics ranging from Creativity, Technology, Networking and Resilience to everything in between. They’re packed with concepts and practical information you can put into practice.

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2. Listen to my Podcasts

I was recently part of the Catapult Your Career Success Summit and Conscious Millionaire Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs. I spoke about where leadership really lives, how to inspire others, how to “Sustain the Gain” and more.

Listen to these (and my other podcasts) here.

3. Read my Book

“Step Up Now: 21 Powerful Principles for People Who Influence Others ” and download my complimentary companion Action Guide here.

Exceptional leaders are able to shift the way they view business, remove blind spots, and take effective action which creates the results they desire.

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“Susan’s book, “Step Up Now” was great starting point to changing how I lead my team and approach each day. She has taught me how to connect with my body to understand the signals of reactivity. As a result, I approach situations as more centered, bringing my best self.”
– Mark B., General Manager

4. Book a “Leadership Discovery Session”

Your first step is to engage with me in a strategic Leadership Discovery Session where we will explore your leadership vision and help you explore any obstacles to achieving it. Many clients find that this powerful experience offers them real clarity for the first time about what they truly want and value.

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5. Hire Me as Your Private Executive Coach

I simply love one-on-one coaching. If you are ready to experience accelerated growth, learning and satisfaction, in life and at work, I invite you to consider private coaching.

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6. Hire Me to Facilitate Your Leadership Team Retreat or Workshop

I create memorable, interactive experiences for leadership workshops, planning sessions and retreats. Each program is custom-designed around your objectives and provides maximum value for your time and investment. I specialize in strategic exploration of Mission, Vision, Values, Culture, and Accountability.

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7. Book Me as a Speaker or Moderator

I have spoken publicly on a variety of leadership topics to dozens of companies, conferences, and associations. Each talk is custom-designed around your objectives and provides maximum value for your time and investment.

Here are a few of my speaking topics

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“Susan exudes the three E’s when she speaks to an audience: ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM, and EXCITEMENT. Her audience cannot help but be caught up in the energy and excitement surrounding Susan as she enthusiastically presents her topic.”
–Stephanie Jones, American Society of Training and Development Suncoast Chapter

8. Hire Me Before You Purchase a Company to Assess the CEO

I am sought after by investors to assess a CEO prior to or after an acquisition. My extensive background as a Vice-President of retained executive search offers me the perspective for in-depth interviews with executives.

In addition, our team offers the Leadership Circle ProfileTM online 360 assessment, the most comprehensive, integrated, and validated tool available for leaders, teams and culture.

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9. Personalized Development Plan

If you have something else in mind, other than what I have outlined, please feel free to e-mail me at We can setup a time to talk about how we can work together.