Client Testimonials

“Coaching with Susan was a wonderful experience. Susan is a gift. From the moment I started working with her it was clear. Susan has an amazing talent. It was evident throughout our entire time together that coaching came easily and naturally for her. Her ability to sense exactly where a person is at is remarkable. Her East-West perspectives added immense value to the outcome I received and are an important, unique aspect of her work.

I was at a point professionally where I was stuck, totally lost–what I had done for a career in the past was no longer working for me in the present. Susan helped me dig deep and unearth what I wanted to do most, what were my true gifts, and how I could incorporate a passion into a business that works for me and my life as it is today. She assisted me in developing a business concept that is now officially launched.

Working with Susan changed my life at a much deeper level. I could not have gotten to this point without her insightfulness and her gift for probing the inner depths of what makes people tick. I am so grateful.”

Kathy, Business Owner

“I am grateful to have you as my coach, Susan. You are a remarkable, insightful professional that happens to be so uniquely experienced and educated to guide me to take my life and my career to the next level. The resources you have gathered to help me and the leadership you so easily employ to steer me just have me awestruck.”

Charlotte, CEO

“Having been in YPO for almost 20 years where there are incredibly high standards and we have a tendency to prefer short term miracles…When I describe our work with Susan Freeman with a word such as “phenomenal,” it’s a tall standard to live up to. Working with her has made me very cognizant of a miracle. Her uniqueness lies in that what she shares that is of a timeless nature. It has helped me in leading others and in captaining my family.

Her leadership and coaching development system works from the inside out, using energy, will, being and the state that unlocks true inner leadership. This is about working on personal mastery, body energy, mood and language; experiencing our awareness to unlock leadership potential. The impact has been seen in the way I manage, my relationships at work and our corporate culture. She empowers you to advance it on your own. I spent individual time with her and then we worked as a team in a facilitated process, with my partners and then our entire leadership team. The process was very, very special and exciting. The elephant in the room has been eaten!

The last two days has not been simply about a training session with a coach. It’s about transformation of our company from our early start-up days to what it’s capable of for the future. Susan was engaged to help us accelerate through a natural progression of our maturation as a company, examining where we are; where do we want to go and how do we to get there. We needed a guide, a Sherpa. It’s an individual evolution and a collective evolution. Susan helped us address what we expect and need from one another. We got to the real issue of trust; and that is the accelerant. Growth is when your head pops into a room you didn’t know existed. Susan has our collective and individual gratitude for her gifts and capabilities”

Tim, COO and former YPO member

“I hired Susan Freeman as my executive coach because I wanted to “up my game” in terms of leadership, and specifically how I present myself as a leader. Previous to our working together I felt stuck and, yes, a little hopeless.

What drew me in was Susan’s holistic approach – a blend of advanced self-exploration, practical Western ideas for leadership and influence, and most importantly, Eastern techniques for integration of these concepts.

Susan has taught me to understand where true leadership comes from. Where I once only saw obstacles, I now see purpose, wisdom, self-awareness, love and growth. Best of all, I have seen a direct connection between what I’ve learned from Susan and the success of my communications with clients and potential clients. Simply stated, Susan has taught me the fundamentals of influence; a state of being. I’m excited to share Susan’s leadership approach with you –almost as excited as I am to continue my personal and professional growth on the continuum of success!”

Lori, Partner in law firm

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“When I met Susan, my company had just gone through another reorg. My quota had increased. I picked up additional products that I knew little about. There was concern about my income. Susan’s unique approach helped me to exceed my financial goals. She guided me to new ways of focusing (slowing down to speed up) and getting in touch with clear goals. She helped me to identify open loops in communication which were barriers to customer satisfaction as well as ways to empower colleagues to be their best. Her insight into problem solving and active listening is unparalleled.”

Leslie, Sales Manager, Fortune 15 Company

“Susan Freeman is an incredible coach who has dramatically changed how I approach all situations, professionally and personally. In an ever-changing, fast-paced working environment, I look forward to my sessions with her. I always exit those sessions energized and armed with specific action steps that help me grow.

Susan’s book, “Step Up Now” was great starting point to changing how I lead my team and approach each day. She has taught me how to connect with my body to understand the signals of reactivity. As a result, I approach situations as more “centered, bringing my best self.

In my 20 years as a manager at many different levels I have never been more prepared to lead. As we continue down the path of discovery, Susan challenges me to be curious and learn more about each opportunity I face. Her unique insight and dedication to our goals makes me believe that there are no limits to my leadership transformation. Susan, I truly thank you for all that you do!”

Mark B., General Manager

“Working with Susan Freeman as a coach was a joy! Susan Freeman has a unique approach to coaching and working with those in leadership positions. I did not know what I was walking into when working with Susan–but her clarity, unique perspective and sense of humor drew me back week after week. Many of the practices we worked on have become part of my everyday life, including focusing my intentions, looking at situations from different angles and relaxing in my environment.”

Deborah, corporate attorney

“Susan Freeman’s unique approach has helped our organization tremendously. We had committed ourselves to an intensive, thorough strategic planning process to enter our company’s next stage of growth. The objectives and goals were stated, the tactics and timing outlined. Yet something was missing. We didn’t know what that was, but Susan did.

Through our work with her individually and collectively, we are becoming mindful, awakened leaders. Our aim is to eschew worry and judgmental thinking. Instead we invite self-control, compassion and collaboration.  This has made all the difference.

As a result, we have witnessed growth at an accelerating pace. The outcomes include improved interpersonal and meeting dynamics, extraordinary project outcomes, and the synthesis of enthusiastic vision-sharing in a collaborative and safe environment.  We collectively embrace our present and future with gratitude, Susan.”

Kurt V., Founder and CEO

“Susan has been a breath of fresh air for me; Susan’s innate ability to understand who I am has enabled her to develop the leader in me. Where I was before I started and where I feel I’ve progressed is huge. It’s a credit to how Susan has helped grow me into my role as CEO.

Through Susan’s mentoring I have been able to begin to change the culture at work, and it has made me a better listener. I recommend that anyone who needs to work on their Leadership skills contact Susan right away.”

Bud, CEO

“Susan integrates a wealth of knowledge into easy to understand concepts. There is a nice balance of Eastern and Western practices and philosophies which together prove very effective. Susan has a relaxed manner which allows individuals and groups to quickly get to the core issues. I was impressed how she was able to be effective with so many different individuals in our organization. At the end of our two day session we were amazed at how much we were able to accomplish. We all look forward to continuing our advancement with Susan’s help.”

Scott A, Founder and EVP

“It was a wonderful retreat yesterday. I feel more connected than ever to my team. I appreciate the work you put into addressing concerns that we all had on how we can be better as an organization and as people overall.

Thanks again; it was a highlight in my life to be able to learn from you.”

Dave F., VP Sales

“What a great day!” I’ve experienced a great number of workshops and even conducted a few…but Lady, you are the BEST! All I can say is WOW! If we can pull off even an 1/8 of what we learned and committed to today, reaching the next galaxy is a conservative goal. You really are the real thing! Thank you Susan.”

Carol W., SPHR

“Susan is truly gifted as an Executive Coach. She has worked one on one with our shareholder group and with our senior leadership team in a group setting. Her approach is customized to the individual(s) and has made a huge impact on individual and team effectiveness. I would recommend her without reservation for anyone looking to elevate their leadership skills.”

Tim W, COO and Shareholder