Step Up Your Skills

What if You Had a Partner You Could Trust to Help You Look into Those Places You Can’t See Clearly?

Soaring2Not because you are not smart, but because you ARE so smart.

Effective leaders have a unique edge and a distinctive set of skills.

Great leadership springs from a combination of multiple domains: the practical/tactical/visible and the emotional/ intuitive/ unconscious. What you can see is only part of the leadership equation. To be a powerful leader, you need skills to see beyond the obvious.

This is where typical leadership trainings leave off. If you are just reading books or attending leadership programs, chances are they haven’t translated to breakthrough results.

When you combine the practical and the emotional domains of leadership, you can achieve things that weren’t possible for you before.

I can help you do that! I specialize in excavating the brilliant, knowing leader hiding inside of you. I am known for transforming difficult challenges into soul-satisfying solutions. I help leaders wanting to leave a legacy of which they are proud.

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My background gives me an uncommon vantage point into leadership success.

I’ve founded and led a successful non-profit organization, worked as a corporate strategist, and as a Vice President of an executive search firm, I worked to identify ideal leaders for crucial high level positions. I studied job descriptions, organizational charts, and conducted hundreds of interviews with successful and not-so-successful leaders.

I’ve witnessed leaders soar to the heights of success….and a few crash and burn.

Let me share what I’ve learned.

Studies show that only 15% of career success comes from your knowledge and skills. The other 85% of professional success comes from emotional factors; feelings, attitudes and beliefs!

Leadership must be developed and practiced. In addition to what you know and have experienced, powerful leaderships lives in your:

  • body
  • emotions
  • language
  • insight

You aren’t born a leader—you become one.

I help exceptional entrepreneurial leaders break through their barriers to reach extraordinary personal and professional results.

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