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20 Career Tips to Make 2015 Your Most Successful Year Ever!

It’s time to set your intentions for 2015. Here are 20 fabulous tips from some of the world’s best career experts to assist you in taking control of your career and making this year your best year ever. Engage in the “Power of Stopping”. According to Susan Freeman, a daily centering practice can reap you huge rewards in terms of calm and peacefulness. It can also improve your relationships with others. Be a “Reflective Leader”. According to Deborah Colman corporate environments today can be chaotic and require a level of interdependence with others. It’s important to know how to “navigate …

How often do you dialogue as a leader?

One of the most important tools for a leader is the ability to dialogue. We often take for granted that when there are two or more people speaking together, a dialogue is taking place. Upon closer inspection however, often what takes place is instead a monologue. According to Wikipedia, “Dialogue is formed by the two words ‘dia’ and ‘logos’, which can be literally interpreted as ‘to speak across’, ‘to converse’, or more appropriately the ‘two way flow/exchange’ of meaning. “ If you pay close attention to “conversations” throughout your day, you may discover that true dialogue isn’t taking place. This …

What Are You Doing to Close the Big Leadership Gap?

The 2014 Global Human Capital Trends survey published earlier this month by Deloitte University Press points out critical gaps in organizational leadership. In a paper examining the findings, authors Canwell, Dongrie, Neveras and Stockton point out that: Leadership “remains the No. 1 talent issue facing organizations around the world”, with 86% of respondents to the survey rating it “urgent” or “important”. However, the fact that only 13% say they do an excellent job of developing leaders at all levels means that this area has the largest “readiness gap” in the survey.” Technology, rate of innovation, millennial-driven work force, and globalization …

Lessons from Nelson Mandela

The essence of Nelson Mandela’s gift was his uncanny ability to connect deeply with his own vision and to connect it to others. His example reminds us that what lies outside of us pales in comparison to what lies within….

Leaders who Label May Harm their Effectiveness

Think about how many times a day you get caught up in labeling. We endlessly label our experiences (and sometimes those of others), we label our feelings, moods and thoughts as positive/negative, good/bad, strong/weak, etc. Our brains benefit from our ability to categorize and label; it is a way of accessing the huge amounts of data stored there.