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Lessons from Nelson Mandela

The essence of Nelson Mandela’s gift was his uncanny ability to connect deeply with his own vision and to connect it to others. His example reminds us that what lies outside of us pales in comparison to what lies within….

Leaders who Label May Harm their Effectiveness

Think about how many times a day you get caught up in labeling. We endlessly label our experiences (and sometimes those of others), we label our feelings, moods and thoughts as positive/negative, good/bad, strong/weak, etc. Our brains benefit from our ability to categorize and label; it is a way of accessing the huge amounts of data stored there.

Resilience: What It Is and How to Develop It

We don’t have to look far in our world to see rapid change. People who lead and influence may find themselves in a whirlwind cycle of reactivity, feeling as if the world is happening around them, and often is not the world they wish it could be. Leaders who are effective demonstrate resilience and the capacity to skillfully handle a changing environment.

The Inside Job of Leadership: Where’s Waldo?

Because being able to search and find your own inner Waldo is a task that has direct relevance for the inside job of leadership. To find your own inner Waldo requires that you stop allowing the non-stop thoughts of yesterday and worries about tomorrow to take over. Instead, allow your entire mind, body, and being to enter and experience the present moment