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What Mindfulness Is — And Isn’t

This week’s Step Up Leader Tip borrows from a recent article by from Daniel Goleman, well-known thought leader and author in the field of Emotional Intelligence. What Mindfulness Is – And Isn’t. One of the foundational principles of Step Up …

Are You an Analog Leader in a Digital World?

Analog Leader?Although I consider myself competent in many areas, I keep having breakdowns around technology. I know that I am of the generation that didn’t grow up with the technological wizardry of today’s world. I am uncomfortable with much of it; perhaps this is why I sometimes feel as if I am a “magnet” for meltdowns. I allocate time for projects and find that I end up spending it on “fixing” or managing a technology problem instead. This past weekend I simply could not avoid feeling crushed by the technology machine….

The Inside Job of Leadership: What If Its’ Not About You?

Consider the following common scenario I have seen among clients and others; they want to change something that isn’t productive; they have an intention to change it, but find that they can’t make the change happen. They have tried everything, but can’t move past the stumbling block. This is frustrating at best, and if it continues unabated for long periods of time, it can be debilitating. People often give up.