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The Secret to Accessing Your Natural Leader

We ALL hold ourselves back from our goals. Although we often achieve “results,” we are rarely satisfied. We have checked off the boxes, yet something is usually missing. If our results were obtained at the expense of a relationship, well-being and health, our course is unsustainable.

Three Things Busy Entrepreneurs Must Do No Matter What

Vision. Plan. Action. Miss any one of these three and you’ll likely end up somewhere different than you expected. In today’s blog, we explore the gritty truth about the three simple (but not easy) pieces you need to get where you really want to go. From every day “to-do” lists to New Year’s Resolutions, goal setting is part of the human experience.

The Mirror in the Box

This weekend I had the privilege and honor of hosting two young women leaders from Rwanda. They are visiting the U.S. as part of the Akilah Institute for Young Women “Metropolitan Safari Tour.” These extraordinary emissaries are raising money for scholarships to Akilah so other young women in their country can have the same opportunities to achieve their full potential.