Workshop/Retreat Facilitation

Susan is an innovative and engaging facilitator. She will help you create a memorable, interactive experience for a leadership workshops, planning sessions and retreats. The program is custom-designed based upon her strong desire to create maximum value for your time and investment.

Past client themes include:

  • The Next Stage of Growth: Closing Gaps and Moving Forward
  • Trust, Accountability and Teamwork
  • Creating and Sustaining Operational Excellence
  • Strategic Selling and High Performance
  • Communication 101: How to align words and deeds

Retreat Testimonials

April, 2017 –  “Aha moments! Our retreat helped us immensely to bond and to get aligned.  We are eagerly looking forward as a team to achieve our personal and professional goals.  The content and examples not just fit our industry, but can help any organization build “A” teams.”

-Founder and CEO

“I liked the centering, team effectiveness and culture work.  It could lead more to drive timelines.  Good experience overall with interesting focus and approach to communication and joint accountability. Much of the content was known prior BUT putting into a structure for this company will allow myself, team and the company to excel.  Forming, storming, norming, performing.  We were storming, now we are heading to norming and on our way to performing.!”

-VP practice director

“Was extremely encouraged at the progress made in the last year since we first met together as a team with you.    The mood at the meeting was 180 degrees moved in the positive direction and our team communication has improved tenfold.”

-Tom, President

 “As usual you have energized and challenged me through your inspirational techniques.  I always enjoy this process.”

-Mickey, VP Operations

“I appreciate the exercise of sitting down with the team and having their deeper thoughts on the business, what makes them tick, and what motivates them.  It is very insightful to see and hear this in person.  As an investor, this gives me a better sense as to the strategic positioning of the company.  I left this meeting impressed with the team; their dedication, professionalism and empowerment.  The results of the coaching over the past two years have been positive and trans-formational for this company.  Thank you!”

-Jared, Investor

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