Executive Business Coaching

Coaching for Leaders

There is an effortless, Natural Leader in you-decisive, brimming with confidence and able to create powerful, sustainable results in your business and personal life.

Susan works with private individual clients in a variety of formats.  From Breaking Free of Your Biggest Challenge to a V.I.P. on-site for you at your business, Susan helps you get results quickly.

Her unique Signature System has helped clients through:

•    Elevation to “C” level role
•    Career transitions, including re-invention or Encore Career exploration
•    Expanding Influence
•    Leaving a Legacy

Coaching Women Leaders

Women face particular challenges as leaders.  Susan is skilled at helping women develop their own powerful style of leadership; one that engages, inspires, and influences authentically.

Stress Management Coaching

Stress—a fact of modern life, accounting for 75% of all illnesses and costing over $300 Billion in U.S. alone
Susan is adept at teaching leaders the skills and practices to reduce and even eliminate the impact of stress on leadership and performance.