Speaking Testimonials

Inspire, Influence and Impact! Getting to the Root of Leadership Luncheon – Central Exchange

“Loved the presentation. Thank you!”

-Alex Emerson

“A different and authentic approach to living”

Susan Reed

“That was wonderful. Very enlightening, informative and much needed.”

Melissa Borders

“Every leadership training I have had focused on the 7%. What a revelation!”

Vivian Crosby

“This is the REAL truth which we have been “trained” away from. This should be taught in school, supported and encouraged in society, and practiced in companies and all workplace cultures.”

Christie Button

“Wonderful presentation! New and for me, very intriguing approach to leadership; so unlike the thousands of other leadership programs and conferences.”

Central Exchange attendee

American Business Women’s Association Luncheon

“We were so pleased with Susan speaking at our November Kansas City Express Network American Business Women’s Association. It was amazing to see how life can catch you off guard because you’re always in a hurry and we forget to be one with ourselves. Centering yourself and breathing properly can make all the difference in the world. It also made a lot of us realizing we were much more stressed out than we realized. Most of us purchased Susan’s book and it is a wonderful reminder that your thoughts really have control of your emotions.”

Danielle Wallace, Director of Selection, Northwestern Mutual

Danielle Wallace and Susan Reed at the AWBA Luncheon

Danielle Wallace and Susan Reed at the AWBA Luncheon

Seminole Women’s Leadership Council speaker – Florida

“Your presentation was fantastic… it’s amazing how much a small internal change can your whole world!”

Jennifer Brown, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

“This was a very positive presentation that shows leaders they have and can access greatness”

-Sarah Pemberton, President, Florida College System Student Government Association

“Excellent presentation. Love the idea that I can’t change others, but can change myself (with practice) so others benefit and grow.”

-Tammi Hagedorn

ASTD May Chapter Meeting. “Step Up Leadership: The Secrets to Sustainable Success, Influence and Meaning” – Tampa, FL

Susan exudes the three E’s when she speaks to an audience: ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM, and EXCITEMENT. Her audience cannot help but be caught up in the energy and excitement surrounding Susan as she enthusiastically presents her topic. Her presentations are well-prepared and tailored to the individual audience’s interests and career. She can transform an audiences’ thought process in an hour with her edgy, thought provoking topic and comments. She uses statistics to support the thoughts and theories she presents. Making the audience sit up, take notice, and focus on her ideas. Her blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and wisdom creates an interesting and diverse presentation that makes the audience think about the topic long after hearing Susan speak.

Attendees became raving fans: “The topic was interesting and relevant making me want to explore further”, “Susan’s relaxed and engaging style made it easy for me to pay attention”, “Interesting engagement techniques”, ‘I will remember the strong centered presence in times of crisis”, “Applicable to my personal as well as my business life”, “The best program we have had this year”.

Stephanie Jones, American Society of Training and Development Suncoast Chapter

Tampa Bay Business and Professional Women Luncheon. “Are You Bringing Your ‘A’ Game? – Tampa, FL

Susan Freeman and Edna Broyles

Susan Freeman and Edna Broyles

Your Best Year Ever! Workshop (with Dr. Carmella Sebastian and Michelle Bauer) – Tampa, FL

“Susan, Amazing job! Loved it! Carm and Michelle were terrific too. The substance was very meaningful and the presentations were fun and so relevant. Thank you! “

-Lori M.

“What an incredible opportunity. What an amazing event. I had the pleasure of meeting Susan at The Best Year Ever seminar yesterday. AWESOME!! What a great opportunity for learning and receiving useful insight on Shifting your life from a place of Consciousness. Thank you Susan for sharing your information, you rock!! Keep up the good work. Peace & Joy”

-Tracey R Kern, Editor In Chief, Conscious Shift Magazine

Your Best Year Ever Workshop

Susan Freeman and Tracey Kern

Midland Loan Services – Speaker – Overland Park, Kansas

“Susan Freeman delivered a very engaging and motivational presentation at our Midland Women’s Network Quarterly Event. Susan provided us with valuable tools and knowledge to help us reach our potential in both our careers and personal life. No matter where you are in your career or journey in life, Susan had something for everyone!” We are very thankful to have had Susan speak at our event!”

-Stephanie Groom, Load Servicing Senior Analyst, Midland Loan Services

From left to right: Evelyn Onsongo, Susan Freeman, Stephanie Groom

Suncoast Health Care Executives – Speaker – Tampa, FL

“Susan’s presentation was extremely engaging and she succeed to bring me to the present – the here and now – so that I was able to harness my full attention on the program. I look forward to reading Step Up Now and formulating my plan of action!”

-Melanie Schwer, ServData, Inc., Odessa, FL

“What a great day! I’ve experienced a great number of workshops and even conducted a few…but Lady, you are the BEST! All I can say is WOW! If we can pull off even an 1/8 of what we learned and committed to today, reaching the next galaxy is a conservative goal. You really are the real thing! Thank you Susan.”

-Carol Westberry, SPHR – Senior HR Advisor, HR Compliance Strategist, Chief HR Passion Officer

Central Exchange A Champion of Women Leaders – Luncheon Speaker – Kansas City, MO

“Building on more than 25 years of executive experience, Susan Freeman has developed a unique approach to helping people lead with authenticity and power. In a recent presentation at Central Exchange, she touched on the skills needed to effectively inspire and influence others. Our audience of professional women appreciated the emphasis Susan placed on the importance of self-awareness and how each of us, as leaders, can enjoy greater personal satisfaction in our lives while leading with clarity and passion. Clearly Susan speaks from experience and this openness makes her a very effective speaker.”

-Noreen Bridges, Director of Programing, The Central Exchange, Kansas City, MO

Mustang Sallies sponsored by Frameworks of Tampa Bay– “Leadership and Influence are an Inside Job: Why Developing Emotional Intelligence Matters More than You May Think”

– Tampa, FL.

“Susan did a fantastic job connecting with our “Mustang Sallies” group. Her “pearls of wisdom” about leading from within was extremely relevant for this diverse group of women. Everyone enjoyed her “hands on” tips and activities that brought home her key points. Susan is obviously passionate about her work and the people that she works with!”

Bevan Gray-Rogel, Graylan Consulting, LLC

The Common Language Executive Women’s Forum

“Susan Freeman delivers a variety of “tools” for business people to use to not only improve how they get through their day, but to make a quantum leap in their level of performance and success. Susan is a delightfully insightful speaker. She is very interactive and takes the time to “know” her audience and delivers her information in a more personalized manner. I highly recommend Susan’s program for business leaders. It can take you to the next level while you’re enjoying the journey.”

Debra Curtiss, CEO, Debra Curtiss and Associates

“Susan reminds us to ‘breathe’ – to take that moment to clear our heads in order to be fully focused on the tasks at hand. How refreshing! While that seems so obvious, how come we usually forget? This reminder is key to being the best we can be.”

Debra Kent Faulk, Community Affairs Officer – Greater Gulf Coast Region, Wells Fargo Social Responsibility Group

Southeastern Entrepreneur Conference, Closing Keynote Speaker

“I truly enjoyed Susan’s presentation. Her knowledge on leadership and her explanation of her powerful leadership principles inspired all of the attendees at the conference. I walked away not only inspired, but motivated to implement leadership principles and skills in my daily lifestyle”

-Jasmine Rustogi, Vice President, University of Tampa Entrepreneurs

Working Women of Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Power Lunch

“Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Freeman during a workshop for Working Women of Tampa Bay. She has a highly interactive style of presenting and takes time to be sure each audience member is engaged and clear on her message. Susan’s philosophy combines aspects of traditional business practices with untraditional techniques of body awareness to create a clear awareness of being in the moment. This technique has already allowed me to work through several business situations to achieve more results and work towards my goals. I highly recommend her workshops and book Step Up Now.”

– Krayl Funch, Owner, Krayl Funch Design and host of lunch